Father's Day is June 16th! Place your orders by June 10th for timely delivery.
Father's Day is June 16th! Place your orders by June 10th for timely delivery.
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Family Letter 1999

Dear Customer,
    What a year! As you can see from our "dressed up" picture, we had a wedding in the family. Daughter Caroline, who works part time at the bakery, marrried her high school sweetheart in June. We decided that while we had on our Sunday clothes, we may as well get our family photo taken. Of course you will note we are missing our Head of Security, (Mocha, the Dog). Unfortunately, she was not invited to the wedding. She was very insulted.
    It has been another blessed year. We welcomed another grandchild (and another assistant cookie taster). We hopped onto the internet. Visit our website at www.hanescookies.com and take a tour of our bakery. We have lots of photos. You can see our antique mixer, grandma's woodstove, bakery employees and lot's more. And finally, I finished my cookbook. I decided to call it "Supper's At Six And We're Not Waiting!". This is sort of a family joke. When I cook, I expertly arrange for my food to be ready at a certain time and I expect all invited to be there. If you happen to be late, well, we just start without you. The cookbook is over 400 pages and has around 600 of my favority family recipes. I've often thought that one of the best gifts you can give your children are special memories. I know that some of my favorite memories are of sitting around my mother's table, with brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins. Now my favorite moments are at my table, with my family and friends, enjoying a good meal, served with lot's of talking, joking and laughter. I hope that my cookbook will provide the ingredients for other families to "serve up" some special memories of their own. Just follow my recipes, then sprinkle in a little love, toss in some good conversation and remember, always top everything with a hardy does of laughter.
Best Wishes for Good Memories,
    Evva Hanes

Hanes family photo, September 1999
All the above family members work either full time or part time in our bakery.
[Not pictured, Mocha (our Dog) Head of Security]

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