The Bakery

Yes, each cookie is really hand rolled and hand cut. It's not an easy job. We make about 100,000 pounds of cookies a year. There are approximately 100 cookies per pound! Yep, you guessed right! That's around 10 million Moravian cookies, each cut out one by one using a cookie cutter!!!

Facts and Figures

A stylized arrangement of a jar of flour and a bottle of milk

Our cookie factory is very busy year round baking Moravian Cookie Crisps. By the end of the year we have stacked up some staggering figures.

Here's a few!

Each year we use approximately:

  • 65,000 lbs. of flour
  • 40,000 lbs of Molasses
  • 35,000 lbs. of Sugar
  • 450 lbs. of Ginger

More cookie facts:

  • Approx. 6,000 People Tour our facility every year.
  • We make about 100,000 pounds of cookies each year.
  • There are 100 cookies in a pound of cookie dough.
  • We cook 14 lbs. of cookies at a time, at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.
  • In a given year, our factory produces (are you ready for this) approximately TEN MILLION COOKIES!