To ensure timely delivery, please place Father's Day orders by Thursday, June 10th.
To ensure timely delivery, please place Father's Day orders by Thursday, June 10th.
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Bakery Tour

The First Tour

In 1990, our daughter Mona gave the first organized tour of our bakery to her son Jed’s kindergarten class. We never made a concentrated effort to publicize these tours, but word of mouth proved to be a very powerful advertising tool. Now, over 26 years later, news of our bakery tours has spread far and wide. Last year over 8,000 school children and over 6,000 senior citizens, local and national tour groups visited our bakery.

Tour Specifics

A typical tour lasts around one hour and every tour is a personally customized experience. In school tours, we incorporate mathematics, economics, writing and history. We visit “Grandma’s Kitchen” (equipped with a wood stove, an antique cupboard and table, rolling pin, cookie cutters and pans). We also highlight our warehouse, the “Secret Recipe” mixing room, the shipping and boxing area, our packing room and the office. Most fascinating to all is our baking area, where everyone gets to watch our “Artists in Aprons” hand-rolling and hand-cutting our cookies. A sample of one of our six different flavors is given at each “station”. The major emphasis of every tour is stressing the importance of how honesty and hard work are the essential building blocks to success (whether it be in business or school work). We have heard from many parents how a tour of our bakery was a very positive influence on their child’s school performance.

Who Would Enjoy

This is the most unusual tour you will ever take. Bring your church, school, senior citizens or any type of group and tour our bakery. We are very proud of our business and would like to share its history with you. YOU MUST CALL IN ADVANCE TO SCHEDULE A TOUR. So call for an appointment today at 336-764-1402 or toll-free 888-764-1402.

Tour Timing

Tours are given Monday-Friday, January through October.

Morning tours can be scheduled to start 9-10:30 and afternoon tours can start from noon-1:30. Tours MUST be booked in advance and there is a $5 charge per person. Call 888-764-1402 for scheduling.

Sorry, no in-depth tours are given November and December (too busy!) but you can still come and enjoy tasty samples and watch our bakers from our special viewing area. Our sales area is open till 5 pm M-F but, to watch the ladies rolling the Cookies, please come BEFORE 2:30 PM!