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Father's Day is June 16th! Place your orders by June 10th for timely delivery.
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Family Letter 2023

Dear Friends,

My name is Jedidiah (Jed) Templin. I am Mrs. Hanes’ oldest grandchild. My entire life has revolved around the cookie business. My mom, Mona, ran the business for 40 years. From the very beginning, I have been a part of the business. I was the first official “Cookie taster.”

When I was around 7 years of age I was waiting on customers and putting together Moravian Stars for people. At 8 years of age, I began doing the radio commercials that my mom wrote for me. I must have sounded really cute because people still come into the bakery today and quote some of them:

“You make the best cookies in the world grandma. Just ask the Jedman.”

I was so proud.

To this day, I remain proud.

I am now 38 years old and President of our family business. I have personally experienced many of the challenges and changes. My mom (Mona) was President for 42 years and all the family would help out during our busy holiday season. I watched her go from handwritten UPS labels and a handwritten billing manifest- (yes, we used to handwrite every shipping address in a book using carbon paper) to “going on” computer in 1989. This “dial up” computer enabled us to type in” addresses so we could generate a printed UPS billing manifest. Printing that manifest would sometimes take up to 10 hours to print on a busy shipping day.

I can recall when we started accepting credit cards (1993). In 1998, we added a website so people could order online. Then in 1999 we were able to add barcodes to our labels so we could use a tracking system.

Well, you get it, I have been a part of it all.

We are a 4th generation family business. There are not a lot of those around and there is a reason for that. It’s not easy!!!!! There are the personal differences. My Mom, Mona and my Uncle Mike were “in charge” for those 40 plus years. Now, not only are they brother and sister, but they are also as different as night and day. Let me tell you, that has made for some very “interesting” family dinners and office dynamics. (My mom used to joke that the office help might want to purchase combat insurance.)

However those differences ultimately resulted in a balance, and despite their occasional disagreements, those arguments were always tempered by the deep love and respect they held for their mom and my grandmother, Mrs. Hanes.

No one ever wanted to hurt or disappoint her.

As her grandson, I feel the same. I am writing the family letter this year, because my amazing grandma, Mrs. Hanes, passed away June 22nd, 2023. (I’ve included her obituary at the end of this letter.) As the current 4th generation, (and 9th generation Moravian) I am honored to serve as the President of our family business and to continue our handmade cookie tradition.

My Grandpa, Travis, and my mom and my Uncle Mike will still be by my side, as will be my wife, Lori. She is Vice President. The 5th generation, (my 2-year-old daughter Adelaide and her cousins, Hanes and Georgia) are proving themselves to be excellent “Cookie Tasters.” (Who knows? One of these days I just might find myself reviving my old radio commercials!)

I hope you will also remain by my side as I continue my grandma’s legacy. That legacy is making a delicious, handmade cookie.

Hand-rolled with love.

Hand-cut with patience.

Hand-packed with care.


Jedidiah Hanes Templin.

PS. “You still make the best cookies in the world Grandma!”

Special Thanks!

Our family thanks for your condolences. Your cards, flowers, comments, and phone calls have meant so much to our family. My grandmother was a modest person, and she would be astonished that her passing inspired such an outpouring of love and was deemed newsworthy. I must admit even we were a bit astounded when the New York Times called and requested to run her obituary! (My mom’s first comment was “Well sure, but isn’t that going to be real expensive?” Lol.) I enjoyed talking to writer Kim Severson and my grandmother’s obituary- “Evva Hanes, Baker, 90; Her Moravian Cookies Became World Famous” appeared in the July 10th New York Times. “Thank you” Ms. Severson, for your beautifully written obituary. In addition, we’d also like to thank Michael Hastings from The Winston Salem Journal, for his excellent tribute and to WRAL TV in Raleigh, and all of our local tv channels, that shared the news of her passing. I can just hear my grandma saying, “Oh my goodness gracious!” All of you are much appreciated. We are honored that you shared her remarkable life with your readers and viewers.

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