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To ensure timely delivery, please place Mother's Day orders by Wednesday, April 28th.
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Family Letter 1998

Dear Customer,
    Another year passes with record speed. It has been a year full of blessings, many joys and achievements. Travis and I are enjoying our "retirement", although my husband says he knows he will always be needed as long as there are light bulbs to change and plumbing to fix. I am enjoying working in my gardens. This is keeping me very busy. I ordered and planted over 1000 bulbs and then I started and transplanted around 800 plants out of my greenhouse. I have seriously requested that next year my daughter Mona is to hide any garden catalog before I see it. I did go a little overboard this year.
    Granddaughter Madison is 7 years old and has really enjoyed the first grade. She still likes to talk too much, but her teachers are very understanding. (They know she gets it honestly). She has also become a very avid bike rider. Our family recently completed a 17 mile bike ride and she led the pack. She can peddle as fast as she talks.
    Grandson Jed is 11 years old and in the sixth grade. He has become quite a musician this year. His school offers band as an elective and he decided to try out his Uncle Jonathan's old cornet. He has really made great progress. In addition to school, he also plays in our church band. Moravians have always had a great love of music, and most Moravian churches have bands. This past Easter, Jed played in the Easter Sunrise Service at Home Moravian Church. This service is attended by over 10,000 people. Jed's Great-Grandfather used to play in this band. Standing near Jed was a young man who plays the bass horn his Great-Grandfather once played and bequeathed to our church when he died. It was a very touching moment, and I am sure my father was watching and had a smile as big as mine.
    Son Michael is still running, (as in marathons) and takes part in church activities. Just recently he and Travis went to Honduras with Moravian missions to help build a church for the community of Brus Laguna.
    Daughter Ramona stays busy with what she calls the "Templin Bus Service", ferrying children to soccer, basketball, cheerleading and church.
    So, that's about it. Talk to you next year. If you are ever in this area, drop by. I'll take you for a tour of my garden.

    Evva Hanes, President

Hanes family photo, September 1998
Evva Hanes-President; Travis Hanes-Vice President;
Mike Hanes-Treasurer; Ramona Hanes Templin-Vice President;
Jedidiah Hanes Templin-Chief Cookie Taster adn Sales Dept. Trainee;
Madison Hanes Templin-Ramona's Boss and Assistant Cookie Taster;
Mocha Hanes (the dog) Head of Security.

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