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Mother's Day is May 12th! Place your orders by May 6th for timely delivery.
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Family Letter 2008

Dear Friends,

I honestly don’t know how time can pass so quickly. Travis and I (at age 76) continue to enjoy good health which is a blessing. My flower and vegetable gardens are flourishing. This year granddaughter Madison invited 22 of her friends and their parents to my house for her final high school prom photo opportunity that took place in my gardens. Our neighbor’s children and my grandchildren were the servers of assorted canapés and crudités. They were so cute (see photo). Granddaughter Madison will be attending High Point University in the fall. Travis is excited because he graduated from High Point in 1954. Madison is now “Cookie Taster Emeritus” at our bakery and will be expanding her duties to become “Head of Collegiate Sales.” Cousin Isabella will be “Chief Cookie Taster.” Since Isabella describes herself as a “dessertarian” she knows she is up to the challenge of that job. Her sister Fiona will be our “Assistant Cookie Taster.”

With Madison off to College, President Ramona and husband Scott are going to become “empty nesters.” Ramona says she is looking forward to having a clean house and NOT hearing the pitter-patter of high heels on the hardwood stairs that go up by their bedroom. She is also curious to find out what the original carpet color is in Madison’s room since it has been so long since she has seen the floor. I remind Ramona that there is hope for her daughter, because it does not seem like that long ago I used to close the door on her bedroom and tried not to think about the mess inside. I certainly never thought that one day a clean house would be one of my daughter’s dreams!

Vice President Mike continues riding his bike about 150 miles a week. He also enjoys “joking” with the office staff (all of which are women and all of which are on a constant diet) and making little comments like “You know, I really am going to have to eat more, I’m just getting so fit and lean.” Sister Ramona suggested that he go and “drown himself in a vat of ice cream.” Mike also makes beautiful hand- thrown pottery that we have on display and for sale at the bakery. However, Ramona says that if he continues to make jokes about his weight loss, the office is going to start doing their own “hand- throwing” of pottery-namely HIS.

In some sad news, we did have to say goodbye to Mocha our company dog who was “Chief of Security” for the past 15 years. She was a loyal employee and we miss her very much. However, she has been replaced by her good friend Moses. While no one will ever be able to replace Mocha, Moses is doing a fine job-except during thunderstorms when he tends to jump into any car that has an open window to take refuge. Note to local customers: please close your windows when you park at the bakery.

As for me, I continue to cook every week for at least 30 people (see family table photo) and consider every day a blessing. The joy I feel when my family joins hands in prayer every Saturday at my kitchen table makes me feel like I am the most blessed person in the world.

Until Next Year,

Evva Hanes

Hanes family photo, September 2008

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