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Mother's Day is May 12th! Place your orders by May 6th for timely delivery.
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Family Letter 2003

Dear Friends,

Well, the year 2001 will not easily be forgotten. For our country it was a year of tragic loss but also a year of a renewed patriotism. It was a year in which we realized the appreciation and honor that is due the millions of selfless individuals that serve our communities. For my family it was a year filled with valuable lessons. We were profoundly reminded how precious each day is and how important it is to let your loved ones know they are loved. I feel so blessed to be literally surrounded by my family. Travis and I live to the left of the bakery. My daughter Caroline and husband Norian live to the right. Daughter Ramona, husband Scott and their children Jedidiah and Madison live behind Caroline. Son Michael lives behind Ramona. My son Jonathan, wife Sheila and children Isabella and Fiona live 2 miles down the road. Fortunately, we all sincerely like each other. I cook for the entire family about 2 nights a week in my new kitchen, (which I love). Last year, for the first time in my life I gave myself a generous gift. I built the kitchen of my dreams. This kitchen includes a table that can seat 23. When I cook, every seat is filled. However, we did experience one problem with this new table. It involved our children's staunchly established hierarchy of seating arrangements. Ramona and Michael, by virture of being the eldest, have always sat to my left and right. The two younger children, Caroline & Jonathan thought it was time to "reassign" those positions. Well, Ramona and Mike vehemently vetoed this idea. Ramona said she deserved her "position of honor" because she made life a thousand times easier for the rest of the children by "paving the way" (so to speak) and emotionally exhausting Travis and I. Mike said he deserved his place for having to put up with Ramona. Ramona also said she didn't think she could eat if she wasn't sitting beside me. Jonathan's reply to that was "Perhaps that wouldn't be such a bad thing." Needless to say his remark did nothing to advance his case. Eventually it all worked out and everyone found a seat that best approximated their old position. (In all honesty, the seating argument was played out in jest, but it is funny the little "traditions" a family can develop.)

And now, here's the rest of the news...

We welcomed another grandchild in May, Little Fiona, daughter of Jonathan and Sheila. Everyone is enjoying have a new baby in the family, especially big sister Isabella.

Granddaughter Madison turned 12 years old. She continues to be gainfully employed as the bakery's Assistant Cookie Taster. She is also into cheerleading, writing, singing, and dramatics, (on and offstage). Last year she wrote and starred in several of our radio commercials. She really is quite an actress. And despite being - as she puts it - almost a teenager, she continues to be loving and delightful. I tell Ramona she is very far.

Grandson Jed, (Chief Cookie Taster) is now 17 and has one year of safe driving under his belt. However, Ramona says she still holds her breath every time he leaves until he arrives safely home. Jed has taught himself to play the guitar and is really quite good. He also continues playing the trumpet and was a part of the 2002 All County and All District Band. This past summer he was accepted into North Carolina's Governors School Program and spent 6 weeks on the campus of Salem College improving his trumpet skills. Jed is now a senior in High School and looking at Colleges. Mona says that every night while his is asleep she whispers "in-state, in-state, in-state" into his ear.

Son Michael, (Vice-President) is still trying to play golf. However, since Jed made the school's Golf Team, Mike is now "the taught, not the teacher". He is also becoming more computer savvy - why, he actually ordered something online the other day. He is even thinking about getting a computer for his house - so he can practice his Scrabble game and then really stomp the rest of the family.

Ramona, (President) continues to get our on-line ordering website in shape. She is taking some computer classes so that maybe she can understand at least half of what her website designers are talking about. And unlike Mike who is now proud of ordering online, with College tuition looming, she is trying NOT to order online.

As for Travis and I, we celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary on June 13th, 2002.

It has been a wonderful 50 years!

Thank you, dear friends and customers for making those years so special.

Make each day count,

    Evva Hanes

Hanes family photo, September 2003
EVVA HANES President Emeritus, Founder
TRAVIS HANES Vice President Emeritus, Founder
MIKE HANES Vice President & Treasurer
MADISON HANES TEMPLIN Assistant Cookie Taster
MOCHA HANES (the dog) Head of Security

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