Family Letter 2003/2004

family letter 2003

Our Board of Directors
EVVA HANES President Emeritus, Founder
TRAVIS HANES Vice President Emeritus, Founder
RAMONA HANES TEMPLIN President & Secretary
MIKE HANES Vice President & Treasurer
JEDIDIAH HANES TEMPLIN Collegiate Marketing Director
ISABELLA HANES Assistant Cookie Taster
MOCHA HANES (the dog) Head of Security

Dear Friends,

The year 2002 was a challenging one for all businesses. We would like to say a big “thank you” to all of our customers. Your loyalty enables us to stay in business. It also encourages us to continue to offer a product that we refuse to compromise by making it faster (and much more profitable) with machines. Yes, it can be done and is done by other Moravian Cookie companies. However, we would have to alter our recipe to make it “machine friendly” and that would affect the taste of our cookie. Our bottom line has always been quality, not quantity. This is truly a labor of love because it means our “Artists in Aprons” make approximately 10 million, individually hand rolled and hand-cut cookies a year. Ours is a REAL Moravian Cookie. Honestly Made by Hand. No preservatives, no additives, no gimmicks. Just good, old-fashioned taste. So, thank you!

Now for the family update.

In 2002, Travis and I celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary. This year our daughter Ramona (President) celebrated her 50th birthday. (Although celebated is not quite the word she chooses to use.) She is also beginning a new living experience. It’s called “Beware! Teenage Daughter is in the House”. Ramona has remarked that “she doesn’t think it’s a good idea to have a menopausal woman and a teenage daughter living under the same roof”. Me, I just remember Ramona at that age and smile.

Son, Michael (Vice President/Treasurer) continues his volunteer work with our church and improving his golf game. His favorite time to play is on cold, rainy days when no one else is on the golf course. He says “He prefers to suffer his humiliation in private”.

Chief Cookie Taster, Grandson Jedidiah, age 17, is bequeathing this title to his little sister Madison (the 13 year old teenager previously mentioned). Jed is being promoted to Collegiate Marketing Director. This fall he will be attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He plans to major in physics, with guitar picking, future rock star, and golf, as possible minors. Needless to say, his mother Ramona hopes these “minors” won’t become “majors”. Uncle Mike is advising Jed to take advantage of all the Golf he can so he can get some useful pointers. Sister Ramona remarks, “That’s just the advice she’d expect from a person who majored in “Ping Pong” in college.”

Granddaughter Madison is now Chief Cookie Taster. She is demanding her own personal desk at the bakery. She has always been quite a business entrepreneur. We first realized her potential at the age of five when we caught her selling her autograph (for 10 cents) to customers who visited our bakery. She has also put in a request to have an Assistant Cookie Taster to fill her old job. She desires to have someone to boss around the way her brother Jed used to boss her around. Well, Ms. Isabella Hanes, the six year old daughter of my son, Jonathan, has bravely agreed to accept this position. However, she has yet to sign the 10 page contract Madison has drafted delineating her various duties. One of these “duties” included shoveling out Madison’s bedroom on a weekly basis. Madison’s mother (Ramona) has deleted that particular clause. There were just too many safety issues to consider since it takes heavy equipment to clean Madison’s bedroom.

Travis and I continue to enjoy our retirement by just savoring each day. After 51 years of marriage, Travis remains my best friend, confidant, and helpmate. At age 71 we grow and “put up” all the vegetables we need throughout the year. This past year I started over 500 plants in my greenhouse. I cook at least once a week for my family and friends that sit around my kitchen table that seats 22. Supper is still at six and I don’t wait (as says the title of my cookbook). Everyday I say a grateful prayer for this wonderful life that has blest me with my husband, family, this business, and you my loyal customers.

With Sincere Thanks,
Your Friend,
Evva Hanes